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That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I have to create a lesson to trial some Distance Learning developement software at work, so I made one on "So You Want To Write A Novel!" Here's an excerpt from the section on Inspiration:

We writers are inspired by a myriad of sources. Maybe you have a crazy aunt--I mean really crazy--like electroshock therapy-been-locked-in-an-asylum-most-of-her-life-crazy. There's a font of inspiration with every visit right there.

Better yet, maybe you're stark raving mad yourself. After all, you do want to be a writer, so odds are...

Sure, some posers get their inspiration from music, or art--even movies, television and books, believe it or not, but that just shows a lack of dedication.

That's almost as bad as writing a book based on your life experiences. Diary of Anne Frank? Seriously, a book about some German girl locked in her attic. Boring!

If you want to be creative and original, you have to really think outside the box. I find psychotropic drugs help, and the afore mentioned electroshock therapy. And never underestimate sleep deprivation!

What? Oh, fine then, pansy. Go watch a movie or read a book.

Confirmation Question: Match the following sources of inspiration with the kind of success you might expect after publication.

1. Books, Movies, Television
2. Personal Experience
3. Psychotropic drugs, sleep deprivation, electroshock therapy

A. Maybe your mom will buy a copy.
B. Runaway best seller!
C. You might guilt some people from work into buying a copy.

Summary: Nobody really cares where you get you inspiration from, as long as you don't steal it. Correction, as long as they can't prove you stole it. So whatever works for you. If you're inspired by running naked through the fountain in the center of the town square covered in mayonnaise while you throw marshmallows at spectators heads, go for it. Some of the best books were written from prison.


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Nov. 5th, 2013 08:11 pm (UTC)
*cracking up*
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