S.K.S. Perry (sksperry) wrote,
S.K.S. Perry

Why no, I'm not Amish. Why do you ask?

We bought a new GPS a while back because I think the old one had developed Tourettes. (Guess which one I still get to use. Right. It’s not all bad though. I’m military, so it’s kind of like getting directions from an old army buddy.) Anyway, I hadn’t really had the opportunity to use the new one much until this weekend when we took Pen’s car to the U.S. for a bit of a holiday.

While the old GPS may have had a bit of a speech impediment, this one seems downright…pushy. Maybe it’s the upper-class British accent we’ve chosen for the voice, but I swear every direction it gives is followed by, “You bloody colonials!” Well, it is in my head, anyway. Whenever she tells me to “proceed on route” it sounds like she’s saying, “Proceed on foot,” and I end up yelling, “Not likely, you posh British tart!”

Of course then I realize I’m arguing with my GPS. Yeah, I know, silly, right? It’s not like it’s my toaster, that bread burning son of a bitch.

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