S.K.S. Perry (sksperry) wrote,
S.K.S. Perry

From a fan:

Dear SKS. (You don't mind if I call you SKS do you? Mr. Perry seems so formal.) I loved the Moonlight War. I picked it up after reading about it making the finals of SPFBO and all I can say is why self published? You mean to tell me no one wanted to get behind this? It's easily one of my favorite books of the last decade. So I though okay maybe it's a fluke. Maybe he's one of those authors who only have one good book in them. So I checked out your Darkside series and that's obviously not it. Loved, loved, LOVED them. So my question is, who did you piss off? Did you write mean things about some agent onthe bathroom walls, or sleep with a publisher's wife, or husband? Did you piss in Karma's cornflakes? Because seriously, I don't get it. If it makes you feel any better, I tricked my posse into reading your stuff and they don't get it either. Just sayn.

Me: Thanks for your *cough-leave a review-cough* kind words. It really *cough-leave a review-cough* means a lot to me. And thanks for *cough-leave a review-cough* passing my work on to your friends. Word of mouth *cough-leave a review-cough* is the only real advertising I have. You know, other than maybe leaving a review?
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